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December Happenings at The Wolkoff Garden

Holiday Greetings to All,

Well, our expert garden director, Joe Lysik says it's time to shut it down for the season. The Dahlia tubers are now resting and so shall we. Time to put away your garden tools and gloves, enjoy the Holidays, and reflect on all the good you did this year as you tended the Dahlia beds. Think of all the visitors who loved it as they walked into the Wolkoff Garden, whether it was for the very first time, or the 100th time, the beauty and serenity are always felt and seen as it is a special place for all.

We had a great Christmas Party last week! The food and company were the best. Thank you to all who put it together and special thanks to the Arboretum worker (so sorry I forgot your name) who drove members in the golf cart back and forth to their car. You were a godsend!

In case you didn't know we have some new members on the board for 2024. We did not get the chance to go over this at the party so below is the LIDS proposed slate of officers for the new year.


President: Bill Bushman

Vice President: Rose Petrozella

Recording Secretary: Debbie Gangone

Treasurer: Brendan Casey

Corresponding Secretary: Kristine Nicolosi

Membership: Leslie McHugh

Garden Founder & Designer: William Wolkoff

Garden Director: Joe Lysik

Associate Garden Directors:
Larry Barto
Bob DeMott
Tom Gangone
Lenny Nicolosi
Greg Yates

Committee Chairs

Kelly Abercrombie
Roger Bridge
Dana Lagala

Good & Welfare: Kristine Nicolosi

Publicity: Tom Gangone

Website: Kristine Nicolosi

Show Committee: Lenny Nicolosi

Classification: Dennis Kirchner

Evaluation: Bill Bushman

Photo Show: Dave Friedman

Standing Committees

NADC Chairs: Tom Gangone and Lenny Nicolosi

ADS Chair: Bob Tobias


Dues are still Due

Please see Holly Sisti to pay your dues as they are overdue.


Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Holidays

Kristine Nicolosi, Corresponding Secretary

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